Monday, September 24, 2012

Tick tick

I knew my often updates couldn't last long, mostly because my schedule has been packed during the orientation course. If I'm not going to class, I'm attending a lecture about getting adjusted to Uni lifestyle, going out with friends or like this weekend attending some kind of exkursion.
I suppose the most important events from the past 6 days took place only 2 days ago when my group and I travelled to the concentration camps Buchenwald and then spent the afternoon in Weimar.

First off, when we were in Buchenwald it was extremely windy and all of us were freezing. I have already been to Auschwitz in Poland so I already knew what to expect. This does not exclude the fact that a concentration camp and any for that matter will not be depressing and saddening. It was really interesting to see how different the 'lifestyle' was here in comparison to Auschwitz and the approaches to the prisoners. Here are some pictures that I took throughout our tour, though not all of them as I still have to talk about Weimar :)

 And then Weimar! My friends and I first went to go get some coffee and food, mostly to warm up but it was also conveniently lunch time. One of my classmates and I took a self-guided tour around the castle "Stadtschloss" and then walked around the city.

 On Sunday, I walked around the city after being sorely disappointed after what was advertised as "Herbstfest"meaning autumn festival which turned out to be for children...but the good things was I got to walk a lot of see parts of Leipzig I haven't before.

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