Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bureaucracy Central

I wish I had more to report about my last two days other than complaints about the amount of lines I've stood on, numbers I've taken to have and appointments had to be done with all the paper work for my studies here. It never seems to end and only seems to be extending. Yesterday I was lucky enough to have my flatmates with me to take me to register in Leipzig and then enroll into university (since apparently getting accepted isn't enough?) I also went to the bank though nothing was completed there. Really, the day was not the least bit interesting and I was sweating from running from one building to the other so as to not miss my number and stressed from this whole experience.
Today we were introduced to our tutors for the Sprach und Orientierungskurse (Language and Orientation course) and took an evaluation test so we can be placed into groups. I was surprised to learned that the top 3 countries erasmus/exchange students came from: France, Spain and Poland. After I was done with the test I headed into the city where I got lunch and organized my paperwork as I waited until 14:00 for my appointment. There was a big market in the city square where I bought some green tea from an incredibly nice man (I was told to try 4 different tea samples) and postcards. As mentioned, I didn't get anything done at the bank so I decided to come home. For some reason I was exhausted. I've spent most of the afternoon watching Parks & Recreation and catching up on social networks as well as news.
Rather uneventful, but tomorrow classes begin and I'm hoping for some new adventures!

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