Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The final roundup before...

...I go back to Europe.
48 hours from now, I'll be on a plane to Amsterdam --> Billund, Denmark where I'll stay with Anders for 2 days and then we'll take a road trip to Leipzig, Germany. Leipzig is the city I'll be studying in during my year abroad and I couldn't be more exciting. Leipzig is located in East Germany, which is important for my further research plans, more about that at some other point.
But before I leave, I suppose it's only right to look back at the two and a half weeks spent at home.
For the most part, it was about taking the time to do...nothing. After working most of the summer I had to spend a few ays lounging around endlessly.
I was also lucky enough to spend hours unpacking things from college that I had left stacked around in my parents' office room. This resulted in me doing a general 'spring cleaning' in my room, really quite the feat. Just today did I really finish. I'm saddened that I won't be able to enjoy the cleanliness of my own room as I will be leaving it so soon.
The most memorable weekend at home this time was our spontaneous family trip to Washington D.C/Virginia. We drove down on Labor Day weekend spending Saturday in DC/Arlington National Cemetery/Alexandria, Virginia and Sunday at Luray Caverns, Virginia. Despite the hot, humid, muggy weather (didn't miss this climate at all) and my blistered feet, it was wonderful to find spend some time in the capital as an adult and actually see things that I know I'll remember 5 years from now (my first trip to DC was when I was 4 years old). My family and I definitely had a wonderful opportunity to spend time together. If you're friends with me on facebook, feel free to take a look at the pictures I've posted :)
Here's just a few:

As the last full day in the US until perhaps March (?, my plans are in no way settled yet) approaches, I have a few errands to run but at least my mom has cooked some awesome things to help. 

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