Monday, September 17, 2012

First days: sitting, woes and thrills

I suppose my title describes my travels from the US to Denmark and then Germany rather perfectly and really, the only way I know how to. As mentioned in my earlier post, I flew to Denmark to drive down to Germany with my boyfriend, and gather all my things that I had left behind (because I'm studying/staying in Germany for 10 months I need all four seasons' worth of clothing). I only stayed in Denmark for 2 days which Anders and I spent together running errands, napping and re-watching episodes of one of our favorite shows: Parks and Recreation. On Saturday, September 15, we left our house at 4:30 am and started our drive to Leipzig, Germany.

The drive itself wasn't terrible, no traffic, only got lost twice (though we figured out the right way pretty quickly) and spent the ride talking, snacking and me reading "Freakonomics" to Anders (I had purchased this book at the airport on my way to Denmark and had finished it by the time I arrived). We took minimal stops and our total time spent in the car including breaks was 7.5 hours. This is incredibly close for us, considering we normally have to take 13+ trips to see each other. Regardless...

When we arrived in Leipzig, we went into my new flat to meet my flatmate. After quickly rehydrating, the three of us took the trip to Ikea. My room was already furnished so I didn't have to worry about making any purchases that were too big. Simply had to buy all the things required for a bed and minimal decorations (I mostly bought candles) and a plant. Anders took a nap on one of the couches and funnily enough, someone put a note on him which translated into "Don't feed" which we all had a good laugh about. After this, my flatmate treated us to a late lunch/early dinner at what I learned to be a popular student cafe "Spizze" with an awesome climate. My flatmate ordered drinks for me to give me a "taste of Leipzig" and I must say, it was delicious :) We witnessed a zombie walk taking place (I of course didn't have my camera with me) and then made our trip to Kaufland so I could have minimal groceries for the first few days while I'm settling in. Once we got back, we all hung out a little bit longer but soon Anders and I went to bed as we were, simply put, beat.

On Sunday, Anders left early in the morning after breakfast as he had to return the car by dinner time and had some purchases to make. I fell into a rage of cleaning, I unpacked all of my clothes, organized my room, vacuum and made sure everything was in order. By 11, everything was cleared out and I could calm down a bit. My flatmate Patrick and I set out to "Zentrum" meaning the city where I purchased a sim card (turns out it was a very old one that wouldn't fit into my Iphone but luckily Patrick has taken care of that problem), he showed me the main University building and we went across the "Fußgangerzone"(it is a path with cobblestones mostly compromised of shops and cafes). This time I treated Patrick to some lunch and we had bagels, coffee and frozen yoghurt.  I purchased my transportation ticket for the week, got some produce and we returned home. My evening was mostly spent watching re-runs of How I met your mother with German dubs, skyping with my parents, reading and taking care of some other random things. For a late dinner, we went to get an infamous "Döner" which I really enjoyed. After watching some more TV I decided to go to sleep as I knew I would have a lot to take care of on Monday.

Such noms

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