Saturday, January 28, 2012

Some rambling

I’ve had this idea ever since entering Mount Holyoke and have been talking about this with a few of my friends on multiple occasions, especially since they have left the school. 
My friend Megan (wrote these posts a while ago: “if you don’t like going to class or doing the work, don’t go here. stop complaining EVERY WEEK day about your early class (which probably starts later than your classes in high school, and probably meets less often, too) or your huge 20 page paper. we’re all in the same boat. we can do more than whine. you knew what you signed up for when you were in high school and wanted a great education. you’re getting one. we you are beyond privileged.” 
and then later continued with: “reblogging for relevancy. there are more important things than these four years, and if you’re not happy with what the fortune that you or your parents are churning over biannually is bringing you, reconsider your priorities and do something important, that makes you happy.” 
We talk about this so often because of how frustrating this topic is. Yesterday (the 4th day of classes mind you) I was standing outside my classroom waiting for my Macro class to start and overheard a girl complaining about how she had only gotten a total of 6 hours of sleep this whole week. At that point I wanted to turn around and burst. There’s no way I could ever believe that statement. First off she would not be able to be there in that state. Second of all, why are you self-pitying and also announcing it so other’s feel bad for you. You willingly sign up for everything here. As a student who takes 23 credits, holds 2 jobs on campus and is in 3 organizations of which all of them holds executive position, I know myself how rough it can be. But I wouldn’t be doing it if I wasn’t passionate about what I was doing. If I was seriously struggling I would have to do something about it.You don’t need to be doing anything here, if you’re unhappy it takes seconds to leave. I’m so fed up with hearing bitching, because that’s all it really is. There’s no further substance to it. 
Another thing that irks me is that no one seems to recognize hard work anymore. Everyone is always trying to have the minimum class load, work load or whatever it may be. I don’t get it. Why isn’t hard work considered something to look up to? Or is it and it’s just not publicly displayed? My God get your act together, society. 

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